We provide enterprise-class physical security and cybersecurity environments for assured protection and federal compliance. Our cybersecurity services are designed to meet and exceed the minimum security as outlined by the Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards in Technology.

Our foundational security services include:

  • Daily security checks
  • Closed circuit video monitoring
  • Security clearance verifications
  • Data center visitor escort policies
  • Electronic and portable device policies


Our foundational cybersecurity services include:

  • Customer impact review and assessment of Acceptable Use Policies, Non-Disclosure Agreements, change requests, system documentation, and new or updated DoD/Army regulation
  • Coordination of recovery efforts for classified spillages and Personally Identifiable Information or other security incidents


Our virtual computing cybersecurity services include:

  • Scanning and remediation
  • Setup, configuration, and monitoring of file integrity reporting software, antivirus, and HBSS
  • Basic RMF assistance, Certification of Networthiness, scanning and documentation assistance, Security Technical Implementation Guidelines, compliance checks, and visit support for Agent of the Certifying Authority


Our additional security services include:

  • Enhanced RMF Support Services
  • Comprehensive security log collection and event monitoring